Working with Tameka Jackson and Classical Uproar at the Leeds International Festival

The atmosphere in the venue for the Classical Uproar show at the Leeds International Festival was immense, and what a gig!

I had people dancing all around me, and phones and cameras a couple of inches away while the Classical Uproar band was playing their socks off!! It was a phenomenal experience so many, many thanks to those who came and to the organisers of the festival who had gone a long way to make sure we were made as comfortable and welcome as possible.

One of my highlights was working with Tameka Jackson, an incredibly wonderful singer with such power – she had worked with Prince in 2003, so it was quite an experience listening to her telling me about her time with the great man himself.

Here are a couple of photos of us pre-show, official photos coming soon!


Two days of brilliance at 80hz Studio in Manchester

I have to say that I am absolutely buzzing from conducting two days of magnificent Brass playing from the Session players recording the ‘Incredibles’ computer game soundtrack. I think all of us involved will always remember how amazing it was working through the insanely brilliant scores written by Simon Withenshaw. Many thanks go to George Atkins at 80hz Studios and his remarkable team for looking after us so well.

Truly outstanding…

Pictured with Warner Brothers/TT Games Composer, Simon Withenshaw (C) and Tristan Noon, Orchestrator/Transcriber (L)


Gary Numan and The Skaparis Orchestra collaboration announcement

I am absolutely thrilled and over the moon to announce that The Skaparis is collaborating with Gary Numan for his UK ‘Savage’ Tour in November.  I’ve been in contact with Gary since the very beginning of December ’17 and have met him twice since then, working furiously on putting all of this together.

We’re both so excited for this project as we will be making a Live DVD and Live Album at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on November 17th, performing at the Royal Albert Hall in London on the 19th and touring the UK. The amazing Kantos choir is joining us as well and I’ll be writing the arrangements and transitions with my co-writer throughout the next 7 months.

Tickets are on sale from Friday this week (6th April) at all of the venues including Cardiff St. David’s Hall, Birmingham Symphony Hall, Newcastle City Hall, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester and The Royal Albert Hall in London.

As a Manchester UK based Orchestra, we’re extremely proud that our home city is one of those on the Tour route!

The Skaparis Orchestra’s website will also be going live from Friday 6th April where you can find information on all of the venues, how to purchase tickets, background information on the Skaparis Orchestra etc. and a special corner dedicated to Gary Numan that will include little known facts and figures, hosted by the wonderful Mr. Steve Tottle. Watch this space!!

Conducting TT Game’s new release – LEGO ‘The Incredibles’

VERY proud to say I will be conducting the Sessions at 80hz Studios in Manchester with the Big band for LEGO’s new game ‘The Incredibles’ on the 12th/13th April!!

I can without a doubt state that this is some of the most amazing music I have ever heard, written by the Film Composer for TT Games, my friend and colleague Si Withenshaw. Man I would play this game just to hear the Cats who are going to be screaming out on their instruments!!

Classical Uproar at the Leeds International Festival

I’m very happy to say that I’ll be conducting the Skaparis again for the Leeds International Festival for another collaborative concert with Simon Withenshaw and Suddi Raval on April 28th!

We will be working with the same team as last August with reduced players, I’ll have 4 of my amazing string players and the Classical Uproar band and of course the fantastic Michelle Adamson and Lisa Doleman on Backing Vocals and star singers Luke Neptune and Tameka.

Hope to see you all there!

Tickets can be purchased from the Leeds International Festival Box Office and there is also a link on the Classical Uproar Facebook site!