The Skaparis stamp of approval

Very excited to have the new Skaparis stamps for stamping our new merchandise bags that will have their debut at the Harry Potter Convention in Manchester next week.

Many thanks for the great job by ‘Get Stamped’ based in Oxford.

The Skaparis has a rehearsal this coming Monday at the RNCM for the concerts at the new Stoller Hall at Chethams School of Music – I can’t wait to put that first down beat down for Star Wars!

Burning the midnight Numan oil

It’s 24/7 now writing the arrangements for the Numan/Skaparis Tour in November.

I’m pleased with how it’s progressing and we are sending Gary the first part of our work at the end of this month!

I’m here transferring the architecture and music of the top of the whole show – it has to have exactly the right impact, so it’s taken about 2 months to get to a working score for this introduction.

Introducing Stephanie Halsey the Skaparis Orchestra’s harpist

I’m very privileged to have Stephanie Halsey as the Skaparis Orchestra’s harpist for the Numan/Skaparis Tour.

Steph is an amazing player with a great deal of experience performing in high profile concerts.

I’ve just been working with her on Harp techniques as it’s a very complex instrument and requires the correct terms to be written in her music. She can’t wait to play!

Working with Tameka Jackson and Classical Uproar at the Leeds International Festival

The atmosphere in the venue for the Classical Uproar show at the Leeds International Festival was immense, and what a gig!

I had people dancing all around me, and phones and cameras a couple of inches away while the Classical Uproar band was playing their socks off!! It was a phenomenal experience so many, many thanks to those who came and to the organisers of the festival who had gone a long way to make sure we were made as comfortable and welcome as possible.

One of my highlights was working with Tameka Jackson, an incredibly wonderful singer with such power – she had worked with Prince in 2003, so it was quite an experience listening to her telling me about her time with the great man himself.

Here are a couple of photos of us pre-show, official photos coming soon!


RNCM Session Orchestra Strings!

I’m so privileged to have had the opportunity to coach the Royal Northern College of Music Session Orchestra strings over the past few days.

I’m so happy that they put in a massive effort at the rehearsal at the RNCM Opera Theatre tonight – it’s going to be an astounding performance on Saturday with some of the best singers I’ve ever heard performing live!